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I work with people of all ages on monologues, auditions, and preparation for call-backs.  Here's what one of my students has to say:


I feel incredibly lucky to develop my acting skills under Candisí guidance.  Candis is one of the most professional, compassionate and motivational coaches Iíve ever had the pleasure to work with.  She never ceases to amaze me with her ability to push me into areas that will stretch and test my limits while still making me feel completely safe and supported.  During our first meeting, we discussed what I wanted to accomplish, and she has made reaching those goals not only manageable, but fun!  I come away from each session feeling excited by the work we've completed and more confident about the challenges yet to come.  I have auditioned for, and won, professional jobs - and I've received call backs & compliments from directors as a direct result of her input. She collaborates with me and offers paths to follow, rather than simply telling me what to do. No matter what your level of experience, I whole-heartedly recommend allowing Candis to enhance your professional development.

 Rachel Carey - Actor


My Coaching rate is $60 an hour (AASD members, please inquire about discount)


For a more in-depth discussion of who I am and what I do, please get in touch.





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